International Students and Wellness

What is Stigma?

Those struggling with mental health challenges often feel “marked” or judged by others who do not understand what they are going through. The stigma they experience may be obvious and direct (such as someone making a negative remark about their condition), or it may be subtle (such as someone assuming they are unstable, weak or dangerous because they have a mental health condition). (CMHA)

It is important to remember that other people’s judgments often stem from a lack of understanding rather than information based on the facts. Seeking support for yourself and helping to educate others can make a big difference.

The Student Development Centre (SDC) at Western University provides individual counselling for international students who may be experiencing stigma related to mental health issues. International students are also welcome to discuss personal issues with International Student Advisors at the International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC). For more information about counselling services, see the About Counselling page.