International Students and Wellness

Academic & Career Wellness

students studyingAcademic and career wellness refers to one’s ability to manage academic workloads and prepare for the future. Achieving wellness in this area means:

Many students feel pressure to achieve academic and career success. This pressure can come from family members, friends, or even from within. After all, we all have a desire to do well and make others proud of us too. For international students in particular, this pressure to do well is often compounded by other challenges. In addition to learning English, differences in classroom teaching and learning styles can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. It is important to know how to handle stress and anxiety in a healthy way in order to make the most out of your academic experience at Western. 

On-Campus Resources

There are a variety of services on campus to help Western students achieve academic and career success. These include:

Writing Support Centre

Many international students have found this resource helpful for increasing their confidence and proficiency in writing. The Writing Support Centre conducts many workshops and seminars throughout the year that address both general and specific writing concerns. Students can also sign up for individual appointments or attend drop-in sessions to meet with Writing Counsellors. The

friendly and helpful staff at the Writing Support Centre will help you to develop a more in-depth understanding of your writing abilities and will give you tips and advice on how to become a better writer. (more)

Learning Development and Success

International students must adapt to new teaching and learning styles in the Canadian classroom. Learning Skills Counsellors understand how difficult this can be, and will provide friendly, professional support through both individual and group services. Previous international students have found the Learning Skills Presentation Series very helpful. This series offers presentations and advice on topics such as Reading Strategies and Classroom Learning Strategies for international students. (more)

International & Exchange Student Centre

The International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC) is a second home for international and exchange students at Western. IESC recognizes that in order to be successful academically and in their future careers, students need to feel supported and connected to the wider campus and London community. IESC offers support and assistance for students on a variety topics including: orientation, visas and immigration, financial assistance, transitions concerns (i.e., homesickness and culture shock), and much more. Establishing strong networks is important, both personally and professionally, so IESC also offers many programs and events that aim to connect international and exchange students with others, both on and off-campus. (more)

Western Peer Leaders Program

The Western Peer Leaders Program is designed to complement students’ academic life by providing them with an opportunity to develop skills and gain career-related work experience. Volunteers work with professionals on campus to assist Western students by volunteering in positions such as: Social/Community Events Coordinator, Marketing and Promotions Assistant, Peer Mentor for Students with Disabilities, Peer Writing Counsellor, and more. (more)

Student Experience

The Careers and Experience area at Western aims to provide students with skills training, resources, and opportunities to achieve career success. Students can learn about current recruitment opportunities, internships, volunteer positions, and Job/Career Fairs. They also provide confidential individual counselling and career assessments to help students explore their career options and implement effective job search strategies. Undergraduate students can also benefit from participating in the Leadership Education Program, which helps build communication, public speaking, self-management, and leadership skills. (more)

Centre For Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning organizes workshops and orientation programs for international graduate students. These courses are designed to help international students gain confidence in teaching in a Canadian classroom while receiving support from other international graduate students. CTL workshops help students to understand cultural differences in the classroom and develop skills for expressing their ideas concisely and communicating effectively. Some programs offered throughout the year include:

  • SGPS 9500: The Theory and Practice of University Teaching
  • Communication in the Canadian Classroom
  • Teaching in the Canadian Classroom
  • The Language of Academic Job Interviews
  • The Language of Conference Presentations


Other Resources