International Students and Wellness
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    New to Canada?: Tips for managing cross-cultural transitions

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    Academic & Career Wellness: Resources that can help

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    Get Connected!: Opportunities to enhance your Social/Cultural Wellness

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    Counselling in Canada: What is it all about?

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    Financial Wellness: Strategies for staying on track

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About Health and Wellness

Health has traditionally been viewed as freedom from disease; the assumption is that if you are not sick, you are considered healthy. This perspective is changing. While everyone agrees that the absence of illness is one part of being healthy, the concept of “wellness” emphasizes the whole person. It is the integration of the body, mind, and spirit; and the appreciation that everything you do, think, feel, and believe has an impact on the state of your health.

Wellness is an active, lifelong process of being aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life. It is a proactive, preventive approach designed to achieve optimum levels of health as well as social and emotional functioning.

Many factors can influence your health and well-being. This website provides information and advice regarding 7 important and interacting dimensions of health and wellness:

  1. Emotional Wellness – Taking care of your mind 
  2. Physical Wellness – Taking care of your body 
  3. Academic and Career Wellness – Taking care of your future goals
  4. Social and Cultural Wellness – Taking care of your relationships and society
  5. Spiritual Wellness – Taking care of your values and beliefs
  6. Financial Wellness – Taking care of your finances
  7. Environmental Wellness – Taking care of what’s around you
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Wellness Wheel Emotional Physical Social and Cultural Academic and Career Spiritual Financial Environmental


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