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Physical Wellness

Physical WellnessPhysical wellness means being able to care of your body by consistently making healthy lifestyle choices. These include:

Research has shown that physical wellness is an important part of our overall health. Did you know that physical activity and a healthy diet can help to reduce stress and can positively impact our mood and brain function? While anxiety and stress can weaken the body’s immune system, disrupt hormonal balances, and affect sleeping patterns, regular physical activity and a balanced diet can help you feel healthy, happy, and more energetic.

Benefits of Physical Wellness

Emotion and Mood Self-esteem and Sense of Mastery Sleep Brain Function Disease Prevention

Physical WellnessEating and Physical Wellness - Quick Tips

Busy schedules and tight budgets mean that many students struggle to maintain a healthy diet. International students in particular may also encounter cultural differences in the types of food available on campus, in grocery stores, and at local restaurants. Despite these challenges, it is not impossible for you to maintain a healthy diet of foods that you enjoy. The International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC) offers a special session about healthy eating in Canada and can refer you to other on campus resources depending on your needs. The International Student Handbook also includes a useful list of ethnic food stores in London where you might be able to find products from your home country.

Alcohol & Physical Health

Un-safe consumption of alcohol can affect your physical health. Alcohol poisoning occurs when so much alcohol has been consumed that the body can no longer uphold vital involuntary functions like breathing, gag reflex (for choking), temperature regulation, and consciousness. Hypothermia (very low body temperature), hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar), seizures,and death are a few of the potential results.Some of the critical signs of alcohol poisoning are: slow or irregular breathing, pale or light bluish skin tone, seizures, and vomiting. If someone appears to have alcohol poisoning call 911 for help immediately.

Alcohol Safety Tips

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